Android Game Of The Week: Umi

It’s rare sometimes that you find games like Umi, which is this week’s pick for game of the week. Umi is an epic endless runner set in a post apocalyptic world where you must vanquish your foes as a brave little seagull brandishing an icy blue sword. The game is side scrolling so it kind […]

T-Mobile’s New Ad For Data Stash Calls Other Carriers “Vultures”

Most people probably don’t love every single thing about their wireless carrier of choice. Which is perfectly fine as no one carrier really has everything right. There are things to love about most carriers, then there are things that are hard to love. Like high prices, or snatching away unused data which T-Mobile focuses on […]

Google Earth Pro Version Goes Free For All Users As Of Today

Google Earth is one nifty little service that you have access to on your desktops or on your mobile device, and now Google is making it so that the Pro version of Google Earth with those awesome extra features is available for free for all users as of today. Google Earth was already a great […]

AWS 3 Spectrum Auction Is The Largest In History After 341 Rounds Of Bidding

After months of bidding in the AWS 3 spectrum auction, the bidding finally comes to an end as the auction is now officially over. It’s unclear exactly how much each of the major U.S. carriers(except for Sprint of course since they weren’t in the auction to begin with)spent on spectrum, and analysts are divided on […]

Featured: Top 10 Best Keyboards

SlideIT Keyboard SlideIT keyboard allows you an enhanced typing experience over the stock keyboard that comes on most handsets. You can tap to type or you can do just as the name suggests and slide it to type each and every word. There are multiple customizable themes to bring a personalized experience to typing, and […]

Rumor: OUYA Reportedly Receives $10 Million In Funding From Alibaba

Android gaming is huge via smartphones and tablets. Via Android powered home micro-consoles, not so much. A couple of years ago when the OUYA was kicking ass and taking names on Kickstarter no one would have thought the platform would struggle to find their footing in a virtually non-existent market. By non-existent we mean a […]

Featured: Top 10 Best Antivirus Apps

Avast Mobile Security And Antivirus Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus is one of many different antivirus apps on Android, and one that is known to PC users for quite some time. The Android app allows features like a virus scanner, virus removal, a protector, network meter, app manager, app lock, and more. Rooted users even […]

Shyp Brings On-Demand Shipping Of Packages To Android Users

It’s gotten to the point where we can do almost anything with our smartphones, within reason of course. I mean, we can’t tell our smartphones to make coffee. Oh wait, yes we can thanks to new smart coffee makers that are scheduled to hit the market this year. Now, one of the things you probably […]

Google’s CFO Says Google Glass Needed To Reset Their Strategy

Google Glass is no doubt an awesome product for the potential that it offers, and there are still plenty of supporters for the wearable tech and we can’t wait to see what Google has planned for it next. That isn’t to say that Google Glass didn’t have its fair share of hurdles or speed bumps. […]

Amazon Posts Q4 Earnings With Sales Up 15 Percent And To $29.33 Billion

While Samsung’s Q4 earnings are down, Amazon’s Q4 earnings are just coming in and it seems that according to Amazon, their earnings are up by about 15% to a total of $29.33 billion in Q4. Amazon’s fourth quarter ended on December 31st, and with the huge flop of the Fire Phone some might not have […]

Samsung Adds More device Support To Milk Music Including The Galaxy Tab 4

Samsung device owners rejoice(those that are compatible of course)as Samsung has made their streaming music service announced alongside the Samsung Galaxy S 5 last year, Milk Music, compatible with a few more devices as of today. At some point perhaps they’ll support their entire current lineup as well as all older generation devices from a […]

Android Shipped Over A Billion Handsets Last Year With Nearly 300 Million In Q4

Samsung may be slowing down as the top dog in the smartphone market, with dwindling sales compared to previous years thanks to rising profits of Apple in this past year as well as increasingly aggressive strategies from smaller start-up brands like Xiaomi, but that isn’t slowing down Android as a whole for total number of […]