Sponsored App Review: Floating Toolbox

Floating Toolbox is an Android app that does pretty much what you think it does; it puts a floating toolbox full of your chosen apps and utilities on your display, ready whenever you want, much like that from the Galaxy S5. No matter which application you’re using, you’ll be able to expand your toolbox, giving […]

Sponsored Game Review: Solitaire TriPeaks

Solitaire TriPeaks is an Android game that obviously specializes in offering a Solitaire experience, but what you might not realize is that the game has been downloaded over 1 Million times. This is perhaps thanks to the fun animations, high level of polish and the 600+ levels that are on offer to keep Solitaire fanatics […]

Sponsored Game Review: Super Cricket 2015

Super Cricket 2015 is a simple, fun-to-play Cricket game for Android that’s designed to be as simple to play as possible. As of writing, the Cricket World Cup 2015 is in full swing and we’re sure many fans are looking to get their hands on a Cricket game or two. Super Cricket is a simple, […]

Sponsored App Review: WPS Office + PDF

  WPS Office for Android is a well-known and respected office application that is 100% compatible with Microsoft Office and offers an intuitive user interface on phones and tablets. WPS Office connects to your Cloud Storage easily and offers an interface that makes it simple and easy to edit your documents or create them no […]

Sponsored Game Review: BingoDab – Free Bingo

BingoDab – Free Bingo by BingoDab is pretty much what you think it is, it’s a casino style Bingo game that focuses quite a bit on the actual dabbing part of playing Bingo. Rather than being just another digital Bingo game, BingoDab’s offering is one that offers full 90-ball bingo as well as 100% manual dabbing […]

Sponsored Game Review: Polar Hop

Polar Hop is a new game for Android that combines the one-touch gameplay of Flappy Bird and the like with other titles like Doodle Jump and offers an entertaining, yet casual platforming game that’s suitable for all ages. Developed by a small group of young developers out of Orlando, Polar Hop offers a survival mode […]

Sponsored Game Review: Gamr2Gamr

Gamr2Gamr is an Android app that hopes to bring gamers together with other gamers. It’s title is pretty straightforward in this regard, as is the overall concept of the app. Many of us like to play PS4, on the PC through Steam and even on the Wii U. However, the problem for a lot of […]

Sponsored Game Review: Zombie Terminator

Zombie Terminator is an arcade style side-scrolling shoot ‘em up for Android that takes place long after mankind has fallen and the earth has fell to Zombies and other mutants. It’s up to you to try and take some of the Earth back from the horrible undead and hopefully pave the way for a future […]

Sponsored Game Review: Total Destruction: Blast Hero

Total Destruction is an Android game that tasks you with demolishing buildings in 180 different levels throughout the US, the UK and China. You need to place explosives in the best spots to destroy the buildings to meet certain guidelines to meet your goal from the developer, the press and more. It’s a fun game […]

Sponsored Game Review: Magnetic balls puzzle game

Magnetic Balls is an Android game that’s based around similar mechanics found in the likes of Puzzle Bobble and similar games. Where it differs however, is that the balls are magnetic and will sway and stick together, rather than splitting down the center and staying in the same place as they do on other games. […]

Sponsored App Review: Pressenger: Pre-Call Message

  Pressenger is an Android app designed to spice things up when calling someone. Essentially, it allows you to control the image and message that appears when you ring someone. Giving you the option to call someone with a selfie of you, a picture of your view on holiday or a neat drawing and message […]

Sponsored Game Review: Zombies On A Plane

  Zombies on a Plane is perhaps not what you think it is. It’s a room escape game that takes place on a plane that has somehow been overrun by Zombies, thanks to a scientist on the run from the CIA who has set off a contaminated solution onboard. You quickly become the only one […]

Sponsored App Review: Absolute 3D Watch Face

Absolute 3D Watch Face is a watch face for Android Wear watches – be them square or round – that was developed by a team that know a thing or two about creating 3D games on Android. It’s called “Absolute 3D”, because elements of the watch face are in fact rendered in 3D, rather than […]

Sponsored App Review: Welcomer

Welcomer is a new type of Android app designed for those in the tourist or hospitality business. Basically, anybody that needs to meet and greet guests, make sure they’ve arrived safely or picked up their car; that sort of thing. Welcomer is an Android app that allows hotels, car rental business, trip organizers and more […]

Sponsored App Review: Treycent Voice Photos

Treycent Voice Photos is an Android app, that also works on Android Wear and the web, that basically lets you bring up photos using voice commands. You create the voice command and which photo you want to appear when spoken aloud, and you can share these commands with others. It’s an interesting concept and while […]

Sponsored App Review: Prism: Pay bills for free

Prism is an Android app and service that essentially does what it promises to do; it lets you pay bills for free, right from your device. Your bills are all neatly put together on one screen, with their due dates for you to see when you need to pay up and it makes budgeting and […]

Sponsored Game Review: Super Truck Driver

  Super Truck Driver is an Android game that, like other games from its developer, puts you in charge of a big truck with lots of different cargo and asks you to safely deliver it to the goal. In a 3D world, you’ll need to pilot your truck through narrow streets, being careful to adjust […]