Sponsored Game Review: Venn Free Trial: Circle Jigsaw

Venn is an Android puzzle game which, unlike other puzzle games, doesn’t rely on different pieces of an overall image, but rather different circles of an image that overlap each other; just like a Venn diagram. Venn is a puzzle game that features five difficulty levels and a wide variety of different puzzle packs that […]

Sponsored App Review: Vibify

Vibify is yet another Android app that tries once again to revamp how we approach notifications on our devices. However, unlike other apps, Vibify doesn’t want to throw out the kitchen sink just because it’s the trendy thing to do. Instead, Vibify leaves your already existing notification method as it is and adds a very […]

Sponsored Game Review: ¡Ay Metro!

¡Ay Metro! is a game for Android from RevArts Gaming that aims to give players a taste of what like is life traveling the busy Metro systems in Mexico City. It’s a game designed specifically with the Spanish speaker in mind and it’s a blend of different mini-games that rely on touch, balance and more to […]

Sponsored Game Review: Warlock’s Citadel

Warlock’s Citadel is a game for Android that takes players back to the classic 16-bit adventure games that many of you might be familiar with. It’s a role-playing game that blends dungeon crawling with turn-by-turn combat and exploration. There are four different classes to choose from; the Warrior, the Mage, the Cleric and the Rogue. There […]

Sponsored App Review: G Cloud Backup

  G Cloud Backup is an Android app that does what you think it does; it helps you back up your stuff to the cloud; your photos, your contacts, your videos, settings and even apps if you’re rooted. G Cloud is more than your typical backup app or cloud storage app, and it’s more of […]

Sponsored App Review: DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver is yet another Android app from DU Apps Studio, who you might know from the fairly decent DU Speed Booster used by many Android users. DU Battery Saver is an app that combines a number of neat features into one app. You’re always given a countdown of how long your battery is […]

Sponsored Review: PLAYR Chrome Extension

We don’t usually review Chrome Extensions here at Android Headlines, but considering that the Chrome browser is super-popular and many of us Android users choose to use Google’s browser on their desktops. PLAYR is a Chrome Extension that delivers free music to your PC or Laptop no matter which web page you’re viewing. It does […]

Sponsored App Review: Military Flashlight

These days it’d be difficult to find a smartphone that doesn’t ship with an LED flash, and therefore the ability to work as a flashlight. Problem is though, many manufacturers don’t ship devices with a flashlight app and if they do, it’s a fairly simple affair. Military Flashlight is yet another flashlight app for Android, and while […]

Sponsored Game Review: Jaeger Strike

Jaeger Strike is a top-down space shooter game for Android that offers 10 missions, each with a grueling test of skill for the player against numerous enemy types and turrets. With good-looking 3D graphics that create a level of depth and help paint a picture of a space battlefield, Jaeger Strike also has fast-paced audio […]

Sponsored App Review: Turstlook Antivirus & Mobile Security

  Trustlook has been around for a long time now, and we’ve taken a look at the app before, but here we are again taking a look at the latest version of the online security app for Android. With features like a full device scan – included your SD card – to find pirated apps, […]

Sponsored App Review: TouchPal – Emoji Keyboard

TouchPal is an emoji keyboard for Android that offers a better emoji experience for users by presenting them with easier access to all their emoji, emoji art which are images made up of emoji and more. It’s not just about being an emoji keyboard however, as TouchPal strives to be a great keyboard overall. It’s an […]

Sponsored App Review: Simple Radio by Streema

If you were to ask people whether or not they listen to radio these days, more than you think would reply that they do listen to the radio. However, very few of them do so through FM Radio or even digital radio, these days people just stream radio stations using the Internet and thanks to WiFi […]

Sponsored App Review: Traffic Road Alerts: Traffline

Traffline is an Android app designed specifically for the Indian market that delivers real time traffic advice; from other drives on the road right to your device. It’s not just an application to provide you with the quickest route to where you need to go, as it also features news feeds relevant to where you […]

Sponsored App Review: DU Speed Booster (Cache Cleaner)

There are a great number of apps available for Android that promise to speed up your device, give you some of your storage space back and just make your phone feel brand new again. DU Speed Booster is one of those apps and it’s been around for some time now. Here, we’re taking a look […]

Sponsored App Review: Fireworks Live Wallpaper

Fireworks is an Android app that puts a Live Wallpaper of a virtual fireworks display on your homescreen to ring in the New Year. Designed to ring in the New Year on your Android smartphone or tablet, Fireworks is a Live Wallpaper that features a number of different Fireworks types as well as some settings […]

Sponsored Game Review: Bubbly Walrus

Bubbly Walrus is an Android game designed to help people perfect their multiplication skills while also playing through a fun and challenging adventure. With a fun, easy to follow story, Bubbly Walrus takes educational games to a new level with a sense of adventure that starts right from the beginning, and continues with new graphics each […]

Sponsored Game Review: Evolution Multiplayer FPS

Evolution Multiplayer FPS, also known as Freeze Nova, is basically what it sounds like; a first-person shooter game for Android played exclusively online. You can think Quake Arena Mobile here, as that’s pretty much what this is in a nutshell. You can play online in real time with other Android users be it on your […]