Android Game Of The Week: The Witcher Battle Arena

There have been a few MOBA(multiplayer online battle arena)games on Android for a while, probably the most notable being Heroes of Order and Chaos from Gameloft, until now with the release of The Witcher Battle Arena from CD Projekt Red. The MOBA is a game type most people might be familiar with from League of […]

Android Game Of The Week: Gunslugs 2

Orangepixel is back with their sequel to the popular Gunslugs action/platformer title with Gunslugs 2. They were scheduled to launch this game yesterday but it ended up showing up on the Play Store a bit earlier the night before. If you enjoyed the original Gunslugs with all the retro action in this homage to the […]

Niantic Labs To Start Handing Out Medals For Recruiting Agents To Ingress

By now anyone who plays games on Android (and even iOS), should be familiar with Ingress, the GPS-based augmented reality game from Google’s own Niantic Labs. Ingress is all about gaining and keeping control of certain areas and locations around the globe. Players pick sides and choose to fight for one of two opposing factions, […]

Forge TV : The New Android Gaming Console

After recently launching its highly anticipated Nabu smartband, gaming company Razer have made another bold foray into the market. This continues the brands segregation from the traditional PC market, as the firm has designed, developed and released an Android gaming console called Forge TV. In addition to providing gamers with a platform through which they […]

Android Game Of The Week: Crossy Road

Who says that free-to-play games can’t be massive amounts of fun? Naysayers, that’s who. Crossy Road is a fine example of a free-to-play title which gives the gamer huge amounts of fun at no cost(although it does offer IAP’s for unlockable characters if you wish)and it can provide you with hours of addictive enjoyment. Crossy […]

Animoca Launches New Action Filled RPG Title Called Moon Quest: Dungeons Dark

You may or may not be familiar with Animoca, but for the uninitiated, Animoca is the game publishing company behind recently released Astro Boy games that have hit Google Play last year. Today they’re announcing the launch of a brand new game in the RPG genre, an action RPG titled Moon Quest: Dungeons Dark as […]

Need For Speed No Limits Gets Teaser Trailer Showing Off Captivating Graphics

Need For Speed games are among some of the better racers out there, and they’re virtually on every platform imaginable, including Android. Need For Speed No Limits will be EA’s next game in the franchise and is slated for release later on in 2015, and if you’ve seen anything on this game yet(which likely hasn’t […]

Android Game Of The Week: Kingdom Rush Origins

Some of you may be familiar with the Kingdom Rush series of games from Ironhide Studios, and their latest title to date which came out in the second half of 2014, is Kingdom Rush Origins. In this latest tower defense game in the Kingdom Rush franchise,(also the third installment)you’ll find yourself back in the beginning […]

Android Game Of The Week: Beast Busters

Having grown up playing games like House of The Dead in my favorite local arcade as a kid, I have an appreciation for shooters like Beast Busters. Arcades were also popular hot spots for the NeoGeo machines which often held some of the greatest games from SNK Playmore, who you might remember fondly as the […]