Android Game Of The Week: Monkey King Escape

Monkey King Escape is an endless runner game from Ubisoft Entertainment where you play as a loveable yet mischievous monkey king who must escape the clutches of the Jade Emperor. Monkey King Escape is like many other endless runners in that you must complete a series of swipes from left to right, and right to […]

Android Game Of The Week: Naughty Kitties

Casual games can be loads of great fun, especially this little gem called Naughty Kitties. It’s a mix of tower defense and casual endless runner types, where you have a flying spaceship you have to protect from the enemies advancing on your position. You’ll have to place cats on the ship to attack the enemies […]

Android Game Of The Week: Epic War TD 2

Strategy games can be deeply satisfying if they’re developed correctly, especially if you love the intensity of a good challenge. Tower defense games are some of the best strategy type games around, and in most cases they don’t take a whole lot to be decent. As long as they can be somewhat tough and give […]

Android Game Of The Week: Umi

It’s rare sometimes that you find games like Umi, which is this week’s pick for game of the week. Umi is an epic endless runner set in a post apocalyptic world where you must vanquish your foes as a brave little seagull brandishing an icy blue sword. The game is side scrolling so it kind […]

Rumor: OUYA Reportedly Receives $10 Million In Funding From Alibaba

Android gaming is huge via smartphones and tablets. Via Android powered home micro-consoles, not so much. A couple of years ago when the OUYA was kicking ass and taking names on Kickstarter no one would have thought the platform would struggle to find their footing in a virtually non-existent market. By non-existent we mean a […]

You Can Now Train Your Brain Via Your Moto 360 With Smartsays, A Brain Fitness Game

Android Wear smartwatches are first and foremost about quick glances at notifications coming from your smartphone, with added capabilities to shoot out a quick message reply to incoming notifications without having to touch your device. Over the last few months though we’ve even seen apps for Android Wear come out that are actually tiny games […]

Android Game Of The Week: The Witcher Battle Arena

There have been a few MOBA(multiplayer online battle arena)games on Android for a while, probably the most notable being Heroes of Order and Chaos from Gameloft, until now with the release of The Witcher Battle Arena from CD Projekt Red. The MOBA is a game type most people might be familiar with from League of […]

Android Game Of The Week: Gunslugs 2

Orangepixel is back with their sequel to the popular Gunslugs action/platformer title with Gunslugs 2. They were scheduled to launch this game yesterday but it ended up showing up on the Play Store a bit earlier the night before. If you enjoyed the original Gunslugs with all the retro action in this homage to the […]

Niantic Labs To Start Handing Out Medals For Recruiting Agents To Ingress

By now anyone who plays games on Android (and even iOS), should be familiar with Ingress, the GPS-based augmented reality game from Google’s own Niantic Labs. Ingress is all about gaining and keeping control of certain areas and locations around the globe. Players pick sides and choose to fight for one of two opposing factions, […]