Telefonica Agrees To Sell O2 To Hutchison Whampoa For 10.25 Billion Pounds

  Reports are in that Hutchison Whampoa has reached an agreement to buy British carrier O2 from Telefonica, a Spanish group who currently owns O2 in the U.K. as well as businesses in other regions. Snatching up the company will not only grant Hutchison a second mobile operator within the U.K., but it will also […]

Verizon Wireless Distance Themselves From Price War And Rollover Plans

Rollover plans seemed like a great idea when AT&T introduced them in 2007. Any unused allowance from one month may be rolled over into the following month, often with some limits and caveats. In some markets, rollover plans come and go and are seen as something of a fad, including Verizon Chief Financial Officer, Fran […]

Verizon Improve Their Prepay Terms To Offer Subscribers More Data

Prepaid mobile service offers the advantage of capping costs and providing flexibility to customers; once your credit has been spent, or once you’ve used your allowance, that’s it. By default, there’s no way to run up high charges and suffer from “bill shock.” It’s a great way to budget an expensive hobby, that being, running […]

T-Mobile USA Are Back On The Menu: Deutsche Telekom Still Looking To Sell

T-Mobile USA is an interesting business and something of the upstart in the North American marketplace. As the un-carrier, they’ve disrupted the established market for some time now; their innovative ideas and plans have won them subscribers and supporters across the industry, but now Deutsche Telekom Chief Executive Officer, Timotheus Höttges, has announced that “We […]

Verizon Wireless Is tracking Your Browsing For The Benefit Of Targeted Ads

Most people probably don’t think about what happens to the data involved in an exchange between their mobile device and the carrier they’re requesting the data access from(in this case, Verizon Wireless-the ISP)but if you’re a subscriber on Verizon Wireless apparently your browsing is being tracked with something called a Unique Identifier Header,(being referred to […]

AT&T Announce They Have Completed The Purchase Of Mexican Carrier Lusacell

Last year, Mexican carrier Lusacell made the headlines on a couple of occasions. This was because the carrier was up for sale. Back in September rumors started to circulate that SoftBank was interested in the Mexican carrier and thinking of making the purchase. That said, within a few weeks all speculation ended when back in […]

O2 Will Offer The HTC Nexus 9 On Monday, Jan. 19th For As Low As £29.99

The HTC Nexus 9 tablet, Google’s next generation tablet in the Nexus line which officially launched towards the end of last year has been widely available from a selection of different outlets here in the U.S., and in some other regions, and now in the U.K. the Nexus 9 will soon be available on the […]

Sprint Nexus 6 Users Are Having Trouble Receiving Phone Calls

The computer you carry in your pocket evolved from something lesser, some older form of technology that was initially designed to just make phone calls. Some of us hardly ever make calls on our pocket computers anymore, but when you need to make a call, you need it work the way it should. Some users […]

Verizon/AT&T 2014 4th Quarter Adds Expected To Be High While Sprint Struggles

According to analysts, Sprint is expected to post new customer adds from the fourth quarter of 2014 that display they had struggled to bring in new customers, thought to come in having added less new net subscribers than they were hoping while Verizon Wireless and AT&T are expected to post new customer adds that show […]