T-Mobile USA Now About To Push Into The North American Business Market

T-Mobile USA, the North American Un-carrier, has been a disruptive influence over the last year. The carrier has contributed, perhaps even kick started, a price war for consumers. AT&T and especially Verizon Wireless have tried to avoid being involved with this price war for a number of reasons, including that their size gives them a […]

Verizon Nexus 6 was Supposed to Launch Today According to Official Video

Verizon and Google have had a bit of a rocky relationship over the years, including bouts with Google’s Nexus program and the update schedule Verizon likes to keep.  While the 3rd generation Nexus phone, the Galaxy Nexus, was available on Verizon from the get-go, users of the phone didn’t receive every update Google put out […]

KT Announces 600 Mbps Networking Trial With Samsung And Qualcomm

KT, formerly Korean Telecom, has announced today it is working in conjunction with Qualcomm and Samsung to bring the world’s first 600 Mbps LTE network technology to the market. This technology is known as LTE-H, LTE-WiFi Link Aggregation or HetNet, which as the name might suggest combines a LTE connection with WiFi network. The device […]

Ting Now Offering Their GSM Service As ‘Open Beta’ And Open To All

Back in December of last year, Ting made an announcement that they would soon be offering their own GSM service starting from February. For those new to Ting, this is one of the many MVNOs out there, with this one in particular, operating via Sprint. The problem with Ting was that their device compatibility was […]

U.S. Cellular Announce Shared Connect Plans To Drop In Price

According to a press release, Chicago-based U.S. Cellular has lowered is pricing for those customers who are signed up for their Shared Connect Plan. Customers will see a price drop on the 1, 3, 6, 8, and 20GB data plans. If you have the 2GB plan you will get a bump to the 3GB for […]

Verizon Wireless’ Spectrum ‘Crunch’ Appears Self-Imposed

Spectrum in the US is being bought all of the time – after that, some of it is used and other amounts are apparently hoarded.  It is bad enough to hoard it, but Verizon, apparently, cries that they have a “disastrous spectrum crunch.” On one hand, Verizon was telling the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) they were […]

Legos Announces New French MVNO Running On Orange

No, not LEGO. We’re talking about French telecom company Legos. They have announced a new MVNO running on Orange in France. They are bringing voice, SMS, data, the whole package to French customers. They already off “white label” telephony services and can now add mobile services to their product package. They have also announced that […]

Verizon Announce The Samsung Galaxy Core Prime To Be Available From February 26

While anticipation of the release of the next Samsung flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is high, Samsung is all set to release one of its entry-level devices, the Galaxy Core Prime, on Verizon Wireless, later this week, February 26 to be precise. The phone went on sale in India, back in December, along with two […]

Sprint Introduces the 12Gb Family Share Plan for $90 per Month

Shareable data plans seem to be all the rage nowadays, and for good reason.  If a family all has one carrier as a service provider, then why not bundle the numbers up to save the paying parents some money, and not buy unnecessary amounts of data, especially if you don’t use it while your kids […]

Boost Mobile Announces Unlimited Calling Plans to Mexico and Canada

Boost Mobile is making it easier to make calls when you’re wanting to speak to someone who lives in Mexico or Canada. The company announced today a new unlimited calling plan that allows you to make calls internationally to those two countries. It can be added to existing Boost Mobile plans for $5 per month. […]