ZTE To Enter The ‘Home Automation’ Market Tomorrow, The Event Has Been Scheduled

‘Home Automation’ products are definitely becoming a thing in today’s market. Many manufacturers are already in the business and we constantly see others join the party. Smartphone OEMs definitely want in on the action, Xiaomi has entered the game a while ago, Meizu quite recently and it seems like ZTE will do the same tomorrow. […]

Have Samsung Changed Their Business Enough For 2015? I Am Not So Sure

Another day, another article discussing Samsung’s woes. Yesterday, Samsung released another poor earnings report that highlighted their profits down 27%, which brings something of a conclusion to their tough 2014. Samsung blamed the fall on slowing smartphone sales; their mobile business has faced competition from all sides. Apple has invented the large screen iPhone, so […]

Samsung Reported To Be Removing Tons Of Bloatware From Samsung Galaxy S6

No one likes bloatware, right. You purchase a new device, switch it on and then suddenly find out, the device is full of apps you never downloaded, do not want and can’t seem to get rid of. Over the years, Samsung has become quite famous for their increased levels of bloatware. Anyone who has ever […]

Qantas To Deploy Samsung’s Gear VR Headset During Select Long-Haul Flights

Samsung has announced the Gear VR (Virtual Reality) headset back in September along with the Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note Edge and the Gear S at their pre-IFA launch event. Samsung has developed this thing in collaboration with Oculus and it allegedly offers great virtual reality experience. Unfortunately, you need to own the Galaxy Note […]

Hands On: Polaroid Cube HD Action Camera

Selfies have become all the rage over the last year, and despite many negative opinions of the trend it seems that it’s here to stay.  Coupled with selfies are the first person style cameras that make you feel like you’re part of the action when you watch the video.  GoPro is most certainly the most […]

Nokia Announces $512 Million Operating Profit Gain (Increase Of 66%) For Q4 2014

Nokia was the number 1 mobile phone manufacturer once, and then things went south for this Finnish company. They had a lot of mistakes in their business model, Symbian was their very own OS but they didn’t push it forward as they should, then came MeeGo (too late) and then the unfortunate exclusivity agreement with […]

Motorola Hits 3 Million Sales in India, Vows to “Double Up” Efforts

  Some years ago Motorola was a name that everyone knew had something to do with mobile phones, there used to be a time when you had to own a RAZR, PEBL or something similar from the company to have a cool and modern smartphone. Now, things are very different in the mobile world, but […]

LG’s Annual Profit Doubled In 2014, The Company Sold 59.1 Million Smartphones

The reports / quarterly results throughout 2014 were saying that LG is doing really well as far as turning profit goes. The company had several really successful devices in 2014, and the most important one is definitely the company’s flagship, the G3. This company has definitely took the opportunity to show what they can do […]

Xiaomi Planning Indian Research And Development Unit

Xiaomi are the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, having moved from zero to hero in four years. During 2014, they started to branch out across the world and one of the markets that they focused on was India. Unfortunately, the Indian expansion plans came to a grinding halt when the company was banned […]

OnePlus Released A Rather Interesting Teaser, New Announcement Coming Tomorrow

OnePlus attracted a lot of attention to themselves when they launched the Cyanogen-powered smartphone last year, the OnePlus One. This device was not only powered by one of the most popular Android ROMs in the world, but was also loaded with great specs on the inside and priced extremely low. There was a catch though, […]

Samsung Announce 4th Quarter & Fiscal Results, Continued Smartphone Sales Decline

For months now, we have been hearing reports about the state of affairs within Samsung. As each quarter of 2014 passed, new reports emerged from each quarterly statement by Samsung, suggesting that this was going to be the worst financial year the company had endured since 2011. There were a number of factors which were […]

Samsung Acquires Patent To Allow Backup Of User’s Android Device Homescreens

The homescreen on an android device is one of the best parts about the Android device. It gives the user almost limitless customization and personalization options from icon packs, to widgets, wallpapers, and plenty more. This customization gets amplified tenfold when you have third party home launchers installed that give you even more customization options […]

HTC Looking To Adopt Xiaomi Tactics For Selling Their Phones

Xiaomi is quickly becoming a buzzword in the smartphone world. It seems as though they are impressing just about everyone at the moment. That is not too surprising, as they have managed to bring to market some seriously good hardware as seriously good prices. This is how they have quickly established themselves in the top […]