Rumor: Leaked Samsung XCover SM-G388F Tough Smartphone

One of Samsung’s promises for 2015 is that they will be consolidating their smartphone portfolio by between 25% to 33%. This, I might reasonably expect, means reducing the handset models that they release over the coming months. To my mind, this is a great idea: Currently, Samsung has a handset for every point in pretty […]

Possible Galaxy S6 Case Reveals Dimensions of Samsung’s Coming Flagship

The Galaxy S6 from Samsung is shaping up, at least from what we’ve seen from various leaks and things of the sort, to be a rather Samsung-generic device, especially given the idea that Samsung wanted to ‘go back to basics’ and start  new design for the S6 from scratch.  regardless, of how much of a […]

The Tizen-powered Samsung Z1 Isn’t Devoid Of Android After All

Samsung may have made a big deal about the Tizen operating system that it ships with the all-new Z1 smartphone, but according to the folks at Android Central, the phone (and the OS) isn’t really devoid of the whole Google/Android experience. If you aren’t aware, the Samsung Z1 is the Korean giant’s first-ever Tizen toting phone, […]

Meizu M1 And M1 Note In Images, Side-By-Side Comparison

Meizu has announced a bunch of new hardware at their event in Beijing recently. Meizu’s newest M1 handset definitely stole the spotlight at that event, but the company has also announced a couple of ‘Home Automation’ devices as part of their LifeKit platform. This China-based company has also re-announced their partnership with Haier and a […]

Leaked Information Suggests That The LG G4 Might Feature A 3K Display

LG has released company’s 2014 financial results recently, and they are doing great, really great in fact. Their annual profit has doubled in 2014 and they’ve sold almost 60 million smartphones in 2014. One of the most important factors in those sales and profit was definitely company’s current flagship (not counting the G Flex 2), […]

Xiaomi Mi4 Running CM12-Based Android Lollipop ROM Surfaces In China

A bunch of Android devices from various manufacturers have already received Android Lollipop, but many of them still haven’t. Xiaomi Mi4 is definitely such a device, this thing was launched in July last year and was Xiaomi’s flagship until the Mi Note handsets launched earlier this month. The Mi4 is definitely one of those devices […]

A Mysterious Meizu Device Certification Info Pops Up In China

Meizu has held an event in China a few days ago where they announced the all new M1 handset and a bunch of Home Automation products as part of their LifeKit platform. Meizu has announced the RyFit Smart Scale, X-Light Plus Smart Bulb, and three new smart products as part of their new partnership with […]

Top 10 Best Android Smartphones Buyers Guide: February 2015 Edition

The new year is upon us and 2015 has already got off to a flying start with the LG G Flex 2 (which won’t make an appearance in our list until it’s on sale) but so far we’ve yet to see the latest and greatest from the likes of LG, Sony, HTC or Samsung. Mobile […]

Phone Comparisons: LG G Flex 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Introduction Do we have a good one for you today – a battle of epic proportions between the new curved device, the LG G Flex 2 and the curved display edge of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.  Two deliciously designed devices that look classy and with a lot of technology whipped in – when you […]

Featured: Top 10 New Accessories – February 2015

c After you buy a new phone, what’s the next thing you look for? Accessories right? Like battery packs, headphones, speakers, chargers, cases, and more. Well in addition to the top 10 accessories we do for each device, we will also be doing a top 10 each month. Now these won’t be all new stuff […]

Google Admits Demand For The Nexus 6 Was Too Much To Keep Up With

If you are the proud owner of the Google Nexus 6 then you are probably well aware of how difficult it was to purchase in the first few weeks (even months) after launch. If you do not own a Google Nexus 6, but had tried to buy one then you will also know how difficult […]