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The Android Market is growing by thousands of applications each day, finding apps can be like finding a needle in a hay stack!

Getting the proper media attention for your application is nearly impossible.Unfortunately, Major Android News Sites like ours get hundreds of app review requests and news release emails daily and due to the overwhelming amount we are just not able to cover it all. Most sites no longer publish app news or reviews due to the high volumes.

Most of the applications that get media attention these days are just the big apps with big money for promotion.

We understand that just publishing a press release or launching your application on the Google Play Store in hopes that a major Android news sites will pick-up your story is just not enough to help you have a successful app. Tens of thousands of new apps are being released in the Google Play Store daily. In order for your app to succeed, it needs to reach your target market. Just because you build a great app does not mean the right audience will find it.


Get your Android Application the media attention it deserves with our Sponsored Android App Review Service.

Our application review service guarantees your application will be reviewed by our staff. Our  Over 2 Million Monthly tech savvy readers should be your target niche, since they are the ones who are willing to try out the newest android applications in the Play Store and tell their friends about it. With over two million readers monthly, you have an opportunity to get your app out to the Android community and make your app a successful one. We are the only service of its kind, offering a sponsored paid android app review service that guarantees that we review your app.

Some of the Biggest App Developers and Indie Devs use our service, why ? Cause it Works! Here are few examples of some reviews we have done  FlipboardFleksy ,  TuneIn Radio , Go LauncherBitdefender’s Anti-Theft , Transport Empire and thousands more.

Here is what our Paid Android Application Review Service has to offer:

  •  Have your Android app reviewed by our professional editorial staff, who will produce a comprehensive review of your app, including screen shots and even your custom artwork!
  • Give you 100% final approval on any review before it is published publicly.
  • Have your Android App featured on our front page of our website for one to two weeks and then in our app review section for life. Our site is visited by over 2 million unique visitors every month, so your Sponsored Android App review will achieve maximum exposure.
  • Your Android App review will be published on Google Plus , Facebook, and  Twitter. Our Social Media pages have more than 400,000+ followers!
  • Our site has a responsive design and optimized for any screen size from Desktop to Mobile to Tablets.

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